Deston J. Munden

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author of Tarvern and Dusk Mountain Blues

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Information, Power. Respect.

Xelnath of the Gnarled Root – a tavern owner, information broker, healer, and guildmaster of the Blackwind Company – has found a place, far better than the forest from which he came in the magical metropolis and city-state of Lladad in the Magiian Empire.

When a simple act of kindness draws the ire of a troubled assassin, his love-stricken Archmage father and an army of magically constructed golems, Xel must scheme with vipers of the high court, mingle with royalty at the castle, blackmail drug dealers in the slums, and fight assassins and mercenaries in the streets.

He needs to lean on the support of his motley crew of a dark elf assassin, a dragon pirate, a high elf royal, and a talking dog artificer to keep him from his own inner demons and doubts.

Perfect for fans of World of WarcraftElder Scrolls, Brandon Sanderson, Michael J. Sullivan, Nicholas Eames, and Scott Lynch.


The Caldwells have one goal in life: to be left alone.

They’ve been living on the backwater planet of C’dar for years, smuggling and scavenging their way to a comfortable life on their homestead. But you know the saying about all good things – they come to an end.

The civilization wasn’t content with falling apart the first time and has finally caught wind of the ol’ boys and girls on their little rock in the middle of nowhere. Ain’t nothing much they can do about that, though…except fight ’em.

It all comes down to three generations of Caldwells – Luke “Drifter” Caldwell, Woodrow “Appetite” Caldwell, and Cassie “Kindle” Caldwell – as they fend for everything they call home.

What is isolation worth?

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