1,000 Black Creators Program


   This new program will help Black Creators learn the basics they need to know to create the foundations of having a digital presence and business online. Many Black Creators lack the marketing and sales knowledge to be effective online in building and monetizing their audience. In this program they will be taught by our Head Marketer the basics they need to be successful at selling their products and services. Our goal is to assist 1,000 Black Creators generate $1,000 through online sales. We picked this metric because once Black creators are able to generate $1000 in sales a month they will be able to more easily scale their business up in the future.


This program is for Black Creators so you much be Black.

It does not matter what you create and applicants will range from streamers to game develops and comic book writers. As long as you create to sell this program will be for you.

It will require a commitment as this is not a done for you program. 

Share results of what you have implemented so far during the program.

Be active in discussions.

If that fits you then you can fill out the application:


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